Body Art Aftercare

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How To Clean Your New Body Art

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning or touching your tattoo or piecing
  • Use antibacterial soap and warm water to gently clean the tattoo/piercing
  • Pat the area dry
  • Use aftercare 2-3 times daily

Piercing Specific

  • Use a Q-Tip soaked with either our Love My Piercing spray or Lotion and gently remove any 
  • You do NOT need to rotate jewelry

-The First 4 Weeks-

  • Clean your piercing 2-4 times per day

-The Following 4 Weeks-

  • Clean your piercing 1-2 times per day

What Is Normal

  • During Procedure: some bleeding, localized swelling & soreness/tenderness
  • During Healing: some secretions, aching, bruising & dryness/peeling

The healing process usually takes roughly 4-6 weeks. BE PATIENT throughout the healing process, keep your body art clean and use the provided aftercare. 

Products To Avoid

Neosporin, Polysporin and other petroleum based products

Healing Tips

  • Stay healthy, get enough sleep and eat a nutritious diet. A healthy lifestyle will promote faster healing of your tattoo or piercing.
  • Make sure your bedding is changed regularly and kept clean. Wear loose, comfortable & breathable clothing to sleep in.
  • Please contact your artist at Central Coast Tattoos if you have any questions or concerns about your tattoo or piercing.
  • Many people misdiagnose problems. If you think there is something wrong with your tattoo or piercing, contact your artist for proper  identification and treatment.
  • Do not take tattoo or piercing advice from your friends, family or other unqualified people, as they are not professional body artists.

What To Avoid

  • Picking at any scabs
  • Tight clothing
  • Dirty water, ie: lakes, rivers, oceans
  • Tanning
  • No petting or sleeping with pets
  • Gardening for 2 weeks


NO Refunds! If your tattoo looses color or creates scar tissue we can work to fix that. We will be happy to recolor or touch up tattoos within 90 days for free. After that a minimal fee may be charged. All tattoos over a year old will be considered new work and charged accordingly.